Reimagine, Recycle and Renew: Adult Education for a Sustainable Future

Reimagine, Recycle, and Renew: Adult Education for a Sustainable Future (R3ADE) is a project implemented by four European partners to promote environmental sustainability and recycling practices among adult learners across Europe.

The project aims to address the urgent need for more sustainable waste management practices and contribute to the fight against climate change. The project is also motivated by the need to develop green skills and promote intercultural learning and engagement among participants. This project is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program within the framework of small partnership projects.

Participating organizations

1-Academy Association for Educational Advice eV (Germany)

2-SATU MTÜ (Estonia)

3-Občianske združenie CESTA-spájame (Slovakia)


Goals of the project

Raise awareness of the environmental impact of waste and the importance of recycling for environmental sustainability
Develop practical skills to reduce waste and promote sustainability, including upcycling and waste reduction techniques
Promote cross-cultural learning and engagement
Promoting civic engagement and participation
Contribute to the fight against climate change and promote the implementation of the European Green Deal

Project activities

A range of activities will be carried out as part of the project, including workshops, seminars, visits and much more. The workshops and seminars will focus on the topics of energy and resources, environment and climate change, and green skills, providing participants with practical skills to reduce waste, recycle materials and promote environmental sustainability. The participating organizations will organize the activities for each country. The project participants are supported and informed throughout the project period. Interested applicants are welcome to apply to take part in the project. The project participants: receive certificates at the end of the project.

Project participants: inside

Adults who want to have a positive impact on the environment can take part as project participants. Applicants who are interested in participating in this project and are over 26 years old can apply for the project.

Project participants will be part of an online learning community where they can share their experiences, challenges and successes related to environmental sustainability and recycling.

Diversity is our strength!

We welcome applications from participants with different backgrounds, lifestyles and understandings.

Please visit our website for current information.

We look forward to your participation!