MTÜ Satu Dialoog is a voluntary organization that was founded in Tallinn in 2010. The purpose of the organization is to work to promote social harmonization.

We want to establish meeting places in the local community, to strengthen the responsibility and involvement of individuals. We practice inclusion, dialogue and creating a sense of community. It is important for us to contribute to the development of skills. We do this by inviting people to discussions, seminars and organizing conferences and courses. We also do activities for children and young people.

The focus of MTÜ Satu Dialoog is to bring together people with different views. With the projects, we hope to involve children, young people, adults and the elderly in order to increase their sense of belonging in Estonia. Our activities focus on people, and the goal is a better quality of life for everyone.

We are an open organization for everyone who wants to participate and be with us. The aim is to create a basis for dialogue related to social difficulties, such as skin colour, ethnicity, gender orientation and religion.
We promote democracy, human rights, equality and freedom of expression. However, we are not a religious or ethnic organization.

We are a non-profit organization in Tallinn. The main organizers of events and activities are local people of Turkish origin, whose activities are inspired by the thoughts of Fethullah Gülen. However, our doors are open to everyone who has similar views and is in favor of democracy.

Our non-profit organization is financed through donations, which support the continuation of organizing activities. Also, our active volunteers help us to continue our activities, who work constantly to create various events. We are also occasionally supported by sponsors.