20 Jul, 2023

July – Nursing Home Visiting

The world is beautiful with a smile. Our volunteers never tire. In July, we carried out various activities in 3 different nursing homes. The happiness of nursing home residents motivates us to do more. In Tallinn alone, we periodically visit 5 different nursing homes and have a wonderful time with the people there. But we are growing every day and need more volunteers. If you want to make people laugh and make people happy, join us. For example, you can participate in a painting activity once a month, try to cook good meals with the elderly or play chess with them.

You’re expected!

  • Time:

    14:30 to 17:00

  • Date:

    20 Jul, 2023

  • Category:

    Nursing Home

  • Location:

    Nõmme Pihlakodu